Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The kiss of death

And with a tender touch
His lips met hers
Her heart skipped a beat
With that stroke on her neck
She finally gave in..
Never before had she felt so special, so cared for, so beautiful
But he made her feel
As if she was the only one,
Different from others
Never letting her go
His hands slid to her waist
And he gently moved his lips to her clavicle
She was not herself..she was lost
Onto the ninth cloud,she was floating
The feeling that hung in the air was something else,
Not that either of them could imagine
The delicacy,the warmth of the impeccable moment
It only did to accentuate the love,the passion they felt for each other
He was just "the guy" she wanted,
And knew it from her insides
Just as she had dreamt to be with him one day..
But the dream had seemed out of reach..he had seemed out of reach
Yet there she was - wrapped in his arms
Surrounded by the wisps of exuding dauntless sentiments.
She had a smile on her face that gave it a new glow
Like she had been waiting for it for an eternity
Nobody to part them,
Just their bodies against each other.. A thud opened her eyes
She went to the window,only to see the beautiful canvas being ripped off by God's rage.
Animals and humans alike - rushing to find a haven,to protect their loved ones.
It was a fiasco - complete hokum!
She could do nothing.
Then came another bang and she was knocked off her feet.
She fell - two storeys below the room
Lying under the debris -
She was thinking about those "magical moments" spent with him.
He could never know how much he meant to her,
How much she wanted to be with him
It was the most beautiful dream she ever had
With her last few breaths,she stretched out her hand
The ground was still trembling,
Another structure fell upon her
She could hear shrieking everywhere
She could see fire in distance.
Writhing in pain,eyes filled with tears
She called her beloved's name with her last breath waning away and closed her eyes forever..
There was no way he could even know that "she" ever existed...