Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sweet Sin

My lips crave yours,
My body waiting to be discovered by them 
Bit by bit, inch by inch.

With the goosebumps still, 
carve my body with your touch
Mark forever your presence on it
Let your senses be lost in mine.


Lost I am in your eyes
Trying to kiss the devil
behind those innocent eyes
They say you are an angel
But your lips say otherwise

I’ll kiss every inch of you 
Your moans be my blessings
You won't need your wings 
I’ll fly you to moon and back
And then let our tongues do the rest


Yey! First colab with him! Many more to come :D

Title courtesy- Advaya Andhare

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Musings of a wild fire

I am not a flame but fire, consuming all the intentions polluted with jealousy and anger.  Enervating them all and setting them "ablaze" with the fury of a wild fire consuming a parched field.. 

Title courtesy- Harshit Mishra 
Picture courtesy- Tanishq Shukla 

Sunday, 1 October 2017

रूखी सासें

इन सूखी रगों में एक जुनून सा दौड़ता था, अब जिसका कोई अस्तित्व नहीं।
उड़ा ले गयी हैं हवाएं मुझे, मेरा कोई ठिकाना नहीं।
चिड़ियों की चहचहाट से होती थी सुबह,
मगर अब किसी का कोई फ़साना तक नहीं।
चल पड़ा हूँ सफर में , न कोई अपना, कोई बेगाना नहीं
देखी हैं ऋतुएं कई, कभी बसंत, कभी बरखा, अब तो पतझड़ का भी अफसाना नहीं।
जूझने दो मुझे अकेले, रास्ते में ऐसे ही किसी को उसके जीवन की याद दिलाऊँ,
कमस कम किसी काम का नहीं तो किसी के फ़ोन में तस्वीर बन कर ही ठहर जाऊं।

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Parable of Verity

It is not too soon to start to dispel the clouds of myth and see the great​ mountain peaks that these clouds hide. As always, the myth has its charms but the truth is far more beautiful..

Saturday, 8 July 2017

The dance of Drops

The golden orb could be seen in the horizon, 
Emanating rays licking the water, painting them yellow and orange. 
The waves longed to be with the sky,
Requesting the sun to take them away with it.

Helios summoned up his might and started pulling up the waves.
Drop by drop, water stretch evaporated. 
Finally, water was with the sky, forming clouds, dancing with the winds, sliding at rainbows. 
But it was now time to leave. 
Clouds grew heavy, condensed and rained down. 
Water united with the land again, for the sake of earth, with a longing to meet the sky...

PC- Manish Dhane

Sunday, 18 June 2017



Jab me paida hui, sabne kaha, ladki paida hui hai, ye kya karegi?
Aapne unhe muh tod jawab diya - aapke beton ne kya nihaal kiya h?

Me thodi badi hui, aapne mujhe hath pakad kar chalna sikhaya,
Mjhe ghanton cycle par humaya.
Aapke kandhon par chadh kar maine mela dekha.
Kamar par chadhkar ghoda-ghoda khela hai..  :)

Aap office se ghar kabhi der se aate the.
Me aapka intazaar kare karte deewan par so jati thi.
Aap mujhe godi me lekar, mere hath me colors thamar mjhe kamre me sula diya karte the.

Aaadhi raat me mujhe darr lagta tha, to appke paas aa ghr dera jama liya karti thi..
Mujhe thand lagti to apni rajai mujhe udha diya karte the.

Mere birthday par sabse bada gift aap hi ka hua karta tha,
Kitne dino pehle se mujhe dress dilane le jate the.
School me kausi toffees baatni hain, ek raat pehle tak bhi decide nahi kar pati thi,
Par aap end moment tak jo bhi bolu la kar dete the.  :P

School me teachers agar daat lagate to aap hamesha unhe yahi kehte - "She's learning, that's why she's making mistakes. She will grow to be. Right beta?"
Agar kabhi tabiyat kharab hone ka naatak karti, to school nhi bhejne ke liye mummy ko manate.

Har wo cheez di jo maangi, mera har nakhra jhela.
Jo kaam krne ka kehti thi, khud karne ki jagah mujhe sikhaya taki mujhe aage koi takleef na ho.
Har us insaan se ladne ko taiyar rhete the jisne mujhe pareshan karne ke baare me soch maatr bhi

Meri exams ke samay me jaagti thi to mummy ke sath aap bhi jaage ho.
Me tension me hoti thi to aapko bhi nind nhi aati thi.
Hamesha kehte the "beta soja, tension mat le, jo hoga achcha hoga"
Exam ke pehle jitni novels mujhse le liya karte the ussey double mujhe exam centre se nikalne ke turant baad dilaya karte the.

Jab maine top kiya, jab maine prizes jeete, aapki aankhon ki khushi avanrnaneeya rahi hai.
Jab maine job karna shuru kiya, jisse bhi mere baare me baat karte ho, aapko gauravanvit dekh kar meri khushi ka thikana nahi rehta.

Me aage bhi koshish karti rahungi ki aapki aankhon ki chamak bani rahu aur aapko hamesha hi mujh par garv karne ka kaaran du.

Me is janam mein to chah kar bhi aapka dhanyawaad nahi kar skti
Kyunki jo bhi aapne kiya hai, agar me uska 10% bhi kar paun to me khud ko ek achchi insaan maanungi.

Me shayad paryaapt roop se aabhaar prakat nahi karti hu roz marra ke jeevan mein par jo bhi me likh rahi hoon shayad ussey me apni bhaawnayen aap tak pahucha sakoon.

Papa, thank you for being my Superman.

Love you loads! :*

Though one day is not enough to thank you for all you are, but happy father's day..I hope I make you proud. :)

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Jeevan ki raah mein

Samay tha aisa jab mushkilo ne ghera tha,
Deepak jalaya to Deepak tale andhera tha.

Sisakta saaya kisi se kuch keh na paya,
Choda usi ne hath jisne tha ab tak sath nibhaya.

Chalna akele hai in raahon mein,
Kitni hi kathinaiyan aayen, sapne liye nigaahon mein.

Manzil ne pukara hai, goonj jiski kaano me padti hai,
Rag rag meri usi junoon se jhoom uthti hai.

Ye waqt bhale hi kaala h,
Par Mann me mere ujaala h.
Is samay nhi to kabi aur lakshya ko bhedna hoga,
Apna bhavishya mjhe swayam hi ukerna hoga.

Himmat nhi kisi me itni k daba sake mera fitoor,
Khud hi se ladkar dariya paar krna h Manzoor..

I will live to fight another day, and come back stronger this time.!
That's my promise...
- A crestfallen aspirer..

Friday, 9 June 2017

Rise and shine!

As the night falls, I'll be haunted by nightmares and with the day I'll be buried in my thoughts,
Can feel the essence draining out of me, can feel my skin crawl where you touched me!
Never will I be able to get this out of my system, not in an eternity, it'll stay with me till the last breath leaves my body.
What do you care? You left me to die here with my scars and wounds..
- A Desolate Soul

But these nasty scars and angry wounds,
Are now an indispensable part of you.
Give into them, then they are your bane,
Or accept and rise! Just to shine again.
- A Driven Psyche

A colab with my buddy Advaya Andhare :)

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The kiss of death

And with a tender touch
His lips met hers
Her heart skipped a beat
With that stroke on her neck
She finally gave in..
Never before had she felt so special, so cared for, so beautiful
But he made her feel
As if she was the only one,
Different from others
Never letting her go
His hands slid to her waist
And he gently moved his lips to her clavicle
She was not herself..she was lost
Onto the ninth cloud,she was floating
The feeling that hung in the air was something else,
Not that either of them could imagine
The delicacy,the warmth of the impeccable moment
It only did to accentuate the love,the passion they felt for each other
He was just "the guy" she wanted,
And knew it from her insides
Just as she had dreamt to be with him one day..
But the dream had seemed out of reach..he had seemed out of reach
Yet there she was - wrapped in his arms
Surrounded by the wisps of exuding dauntless sentiments.
She had a smile on her face that gave it a new glow
Like she had been waiting for it for an eternity
Nobody to part them,
Just their bodies against each other.. A thud opened her eyes
She went to the window,only to see the beautiful canvas being ripped off by God's rage.
Animals and humans alike - rushing to find a haven,to protect their loved ones.
It was a fiasco - complete hokum!
She could do nothing.
Then came another bang and she was knocked off her feet.
She fell - two storeys below the room
Lying under the debris -
She was thinking about those "magical moments" spent with him.
He could never know how much he meant to her,
How much she wanted to be with him
It was the most beautiful dream she ever had
With her last few breaths,she stretched out her hand
The ground was still trembling,
Another structure fell upon her
She could hear shrieking everywhere
She could see fire in distance.
Writhing in pain,eyes filled with tears
She called her beloved's name with her last breath waning away and closed her eyes forever..
There was no way he could even know that "she" ever existed...

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Fulfilling Silence

It was a bad day for her. The usual chores, work, people around her, the weather, everything irritated​ her.
She finally left the office,not telling anyone why she wanted to leave early.

After a stroll alone on a deserted road, she dialed a number. The phone was picked up after the second ring.
"Hey!" "Where have you been?? I've been worried sick. Couldn't get a chance to talk to you since morning"
A voice that had recently become her favorite, replied from the other end.

" I don't feel very elevated. Could you come and collect me from..You know where..?" She asked.
"O'course dear. I'll be there in 10 minutes."

She had butterflies in her stomach, her heart had already started beating fast but somehow she composed herself.

There he was after 10 minutes,in ragged blue jeans and a pistachio green button down shirt. 

She was dazzled even by this simple appearance. She could only stand there and admire him for a minute. He finally broke the silence. "What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"Not really" she said in a small voice. "Let's just go somewhere I don't wanna talk about it."

She sat behind him on his bike and without another question, he drove. They did not speak a word for a long time. She was happy to be around him, that alone calmed her down. 

She then realized that the weather was pleasant. The wind was slightly cold but she closed her eyes and felt it on her face.

Amidst all this, he was thinking a lot of things but he did not utter a word. The streets were quiet. He adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see her reflection. Her eyes closed, arms outstretched, slight smile on the corner of her lips, hair blown by the wind. She looked angelic. 

As they went farther from the town, the air started to grow colder. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his back.

She had never held him like that before, they had never really gotten that close, physically. But something about this gesture felt comfortable. Her body was relaxed. She basked in the warmth of his body.

After driving a few minutes, he stopped the bike on a bridge, which was his favorite place. It was adorned with fairy lights along the edges. The lamp posts installed were carved with floral designs, and lavender trees did nothing but added elegance to the road. Almost the entire town could be seen from up there, lights twinkling in distance.

She got down without asking any questions and stood leaning on the railing.

The moon looked majestic, with an orange tinge.

He walked up to her and took her hand.

"You know you can share anything with me right?"

"Yea, I know" her voice was a little shaky.

" But I don't want to talk about it now. Let's just sit here for a while"

"As you wish" he said, toying with a smile, his lips quirked up a bit.

Both sat facing the town, lost in the moment. None of them felt the need to speak.
He turned towards​ her and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled, the most comely smile he had ever seen. He adored the dimple on her right cheek, the shape of her eyes, when she smiled. She looked at him from under her lashes, her heart now racing. His eyes held hers, for what seemed like an eternity.
" I love you, dear one" he spoke at last. 

She entwined her fingers into his, closed her eyes, leaned in and kissed him...

Title Courtesy- Advaya Andhare

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A thing called "woman"

She was not pure,no!
She was defiled by her own people!
Whenever no one was around, she was pulled in a dark corner by a familiar hand,
Hushed by a familiar voice.. it's okay dear, no-one will come to know about it.
You just need to do as I say, and anything you want is yours.
My little princess, come closer, let me touch you, let me feel your skin,
Then the torment would begin.
Being touched against her will,
A body holding her down, a firm grip preventing her from escaping.
But there was nothing she could've done,
She had to endure it, endure the lascivious look in "his" eyes.
Her skin burned where ever "he" would touch her, but she lay there, helpless and exposed.
This was done to her not just once, but countless times, by a myriad known and unknown faces, all dissembled by the charade of belongingness.
She was tired of being vulnerable and being used as a puppet.
She was tired of being a tool of satisfaction, albeit she uttered not a word to anyone..
Ripped bare off her soul and beaten by the abuse disguised in chivalry, she left.
Left forever this time... into the river of her sorrows..Never to emerge again...

Title courtesy- Advaya Andhare

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The love voyage

Assaulted by Myriad reasons,
Assuaged by one voice.

Unwavering in catastrophes,
Ebbing away emotions,
Yet a lot there was to come.
How long could the sentiments be hidden?
Impassioned, fervent with a boost of tranquility!

Impeccably swaggering,
Flare beaconing in the dark,
Ambulating indubitably!
Crossing every encumbrance,
There could be seen the destination!
Just a few strides afar..

But driven by heart,
No advancement could be made,
Turning around and retracing the steps,
Reaching for the love that seemed so far..

Recuperating what all was lost,
Voyaging to find his better half,
With a smile set on his lips,
Finally finding her,
It had the power,
Like nothing he had felt before!!

Title courtesy- Harshit Mishra