Sunday, 8 January 2017

The love voyage

Assaulted by Myriad reasons,
Assuaged by one voice.

Unwavering in catastrophes,
Ebbing away emotions,
Yet a lot there was to come.
How long could the sentiments be hidden?
Impassioned, fervent with a boost of tranquility!

Impeccably swaggering,
Flare beaconing in the dark,
Ambulating indubitably!
Crossing every encumbrance,
There could be seen the destination!
Just a few strides afar..

But driven by heart,
No advancement could be made,
Turning around and retracing the steps,
Reaching for the love that seemed so far..

Recuperating what all was lost,
Voyaging to find his better half,
With a smile set on his lips,
Finally finding her,
It had the power,
Like nothing he had felt before!!

Title courtesy- Harshit Mishra

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