Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A thing called "woman"

She was not pure,no!
She was defiled by her own people!
Whenever no one was around, she was pulled in a dark corner by a familiar hand,
Hushed by a familiar voice.. it's okay dear, no-one will come to know about it.
You just need to do as I say, and anything you want is yours.
My little princess, come closer, let me touch you, let me feel your skin,
Then the torment would begin.
Being touched against her will,
A body holding her down, a firm grip preventing her from escaping.
But there was nothing she could've done,
She had to endure it, endure the lascivious look in "his" eyes.
Her skin burned where ever "he" would touch her, but she lay there, helpless and exposed.
This was done to her not just once, but countless times, by a myriad known and unknown faces, all dissembled in the charade of belongingness.
She was tired of being vulnerable and being used as a puppet.
She was tired of being a tool of satisfaction, albeit she uttered not a word to anyone..
Ripped bare off her soul and beaten by the abuse disguised in chivalry, she left.
Left forever this time... into the river of her sorrows..Never to emerge again...

Title courtesy- Advaya Andhare

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