Sunday, 27 March 2016


Am I just history, and hold no value in your life?
Sitting in some corner
Bedraggled in my tears
But you don't know it
Not that you care

Does it not show in my eyes
The pain you inflicted?
But you don't want to see it,
Compassion once flaring
Now the shards of broken dreams 
Ruthlessly stab my eyes!

I am flushed when we cross,
Enervated by the thrashings of time
Bearing the scars as souvenirs
These memories will stay forever
But then you decided to leave,
Never to return...
I am vacuous and hollow from the inside
Can't shriek or pour my heart out
Trapped in my own cage, wings chained
Left in the midst of the deepest ocean
I'll always be your little secret
Delve deep to find my originality and you go empty handed

Did not once think of my emotions
When you were so intoxicated
Just wanted to touch and taste me 
Then I was tossed aside
When I could not fulfill your needs
Like I was a piece of gibberish  to be dumped in a trash can!

This was not done to me once
But twice, thrice...
and now I have lost count,
Gone numb.
Have a sight but no sentiments to comprehend
What I have become is not my fault
I have been made this way
by the recurrent tides of time
Stripped bare of my skin
And here I lay on a cold stone,
Unfeeling and beaten
And you call me a soul-less monster
Yes! I have no soul
Because it is long gone,
Taken away from me-
Burned to leave only the ashes 
Ashes I cannot regenerate from 
Now they are gone, and so is my identity!