Tuesday, 28 June 2016

She Moved On..

Incarcerated behind the bars of time,
Marked by the allegations of the society
Chained in shackles
Buried deep in a masquerade,
Tears of helplessness beneath.

Shrieking but no one to listen
Yet a smile on her face,
She moved on..

She moved on so she could inspire,
She moved on so she could help those in need,
She moved on so nobody could see her vulnerability
She moved on, strong as ever, unwavering.

She moved on alone, in the dark,
She moved on not coz she didn't need anyone,
But coz she was tired, tired of trying, tired of being let down.

She moved on, to set her soul free
She moved on to breathe again,
She moved on to live again.

She moved on, with a smile on her face,
To create her own destiny!

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